A few weeks ago I was on my way home from visiting family in Colorado and was taking a few backroads to drive to Laramie, Wyoming. Traffic was pretty busy on the interstate and I was worried about getting to a meeting on time. All of the sudden I realized traffic was slowing down because there were a couple of dogs in the road. Everyone was swerving around them, and I started to do the same. 

Then I realized that those dogs belonged to someone. 

I pulled over and got out of my car in the frigid winter temps. The two dogs, who looked like some kind of malamute blend, immediately started coming over to me. I checked their collars and found their names- Rex and Murphy- as well as a phone number. I dialed the number and fortunately the owner of the two dogs answered and said she didn't even know they had gotten out.

The owner sent another family member over pick them up. In the mean time both dogs snuggled up for some pets and managed to keep me warm while we waited. 

I showed up to my meeting in Laramie 30 minutes late and covered in dog hair, but everyone in the room was a dog owner and completely understand the value of helping a few sweet dogs be reunited with their owner. When the dog owner asked how she could repay me, I just said "pay it forward."