A few weeks ago, my boyfriend and I made plans to treat ourselves to a nice dinner in Laramie. We had just finished finals and the weather was miserable, but we figured we ought to go out and celebrate before we went our separate ways for Christmas break. At the restaurant we were seated next to an older couple with whom we made pleasant small talk, mostly commenting on the blizzard conditions outside. They ended up getting their food first and leaving before us. As they left they wished us a merry Christmas.

When we were ready to pay our bill, which we had been anxiously anticipating after ordering liberally from the menu under the pretense of 'celebrating', our waitress informed us that our meal had been paid for by the couple who had been sitting next to us. We were surprised and so thankful considering our college-aged budgets. Not knowing how to thank them, we left a generous tip for our waitress in hopes of sharing the kindness we had received.       

Submitted by Sally Murray of Laramie, WY